Enable and disable “PRINT SPOOLER” service


Problem description:.

“Print Spooler” controling each print job on printer server. This service is software that helps manage print jobs which are stuck in the queue and processes their deletion after printing is complete. This service can be disabled or enabled just by clicking on the printer spooler key that can be accessed throught “my computer”. Print spoller service configing can be solution after crash of installing printer drivers and tools for a printer with the error message “the treatment may not continue because the queue of printing has been stopped. Restart your system to start the service queue printing and try again “.  Also there can be more diffucult situation, just like, when client send to Network printer large file and the file make printer not respond.

Problem solution:

Disable and enable “Printer Spooler” service:

You can acces to “Computer Managament” window by typing in the search box field “Services” (without the quotes) and clicking on it in the list or just pressing “Enter” or on “my computer” clicking-right and selecting “Manage”. In the window that opens, pull down the “Services and aplications” menu and clicking on “Services”.


When you reach “Printer Spooler” click-right on it and select “STOP” or double-click on “Printer Spooler” –> “General” tab. In the “General” tab, watch down till you see “Startup Type”, here you can set the value to Automatic, Manual or Disabled. To enable or disable the print spooler service in the “General” tab immediately, click Stop or Start just like I mention before. Finally click Apply and restart your computer, afcourse restart your computer is not necessary but always better do it after configuration.

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